What is TeamUp5G?

TeamUp5G is a European Training Network (ETN) in the frame of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks (MSCA ITN) of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 framework. ETNs are multi-partner research training networks whose beneficiaries will be drawn from the academic and non-academic sectors to form a structured, international, intersectoral, and interdisciplinary research and training environment for PhD students (read more on MSCA ITN ETNs).

TeamUp5G’s EU funding adds up to 3.72 million Euro between 2019 and 2022.

Project Number  813391

TeamUp5G research objectives

With the continuous increase of data rates and the number of people using  mobile communications, wireless connections are evolving towards 5G. To fulfil the user satisfaction and a plethora of challenging requirements, pivotal to the evolution towards 5G are the ultra-dense networks (UDN) with small-cells (SCs). Nowadays, although there is a worldwide market of SCs, the network solutions have inherent technical limitations, e.g., limited available spectrum, the need to coexist within complex environments of multiple heterogeneous technologies and users. Possibly the most important challenge is the demand of increasing data rates per km2. Indeed, nowadays SCs are mostly plug-and-play devices that are connected to the core network through an existing DSL line that forms the backhaul. For this reason, femto-cells (FCs), very small cells that are installed  today, have very-limited cooperation, as communication between them is imperfect, if feasible at all. The “New RAN TEchniques for 5G UltrA-dense Mobile networks” (TeamUp5G) consortium strongly believes that it is possible to leverage the backhaul, enhancing the overall network performance.

The research objectives of TeamUp5G are focused on solving the following three problems:

  1. Interference Management, waveforms and Massive MIMO (mMIMO)
  2. Dynamic Spectrum Management and Optimisation
  3. Energy Consumption Reduction

We will propose metrics and develop energy-aware algorithms and protocols to enhance Small Cells in ultra-dense deployments, making use of massive antenna solutions (mMIMO), millimeter wave (mmW) bands and visual light communications (VLC), in relevant scenarios, through a combination of analytical work, simulation and prototyping.

Beneficiaries and Partners


Forthcoming events:


ESR11 – New Interference-Based Dynamic Channel Access Algorithms for Ultra-Dense Small Cell Deployments. (deadline extended until January 20, 2021)

PhD Positions

TeamUp5G’s ESRs won the new COST Action NEWFOCUS logo contest

Ahmed Gaafar Ahmed Al-Sakkaf  won the logo competition of the new COST action NEWFOCUS. Ahmed has been helped by Nidhi, both are TeamUp5G´s ESRs and PhD candidates at the University Carlos III of Madrid and the Aarhus University respectively.

Congratulations to the winner!

Here is NEWFOCUS official logo:

Special Issue on Service-Oriented Resource Allocation and Management for 5G/B5G Radio Access Networks