• Dates: 3rd March 2020
  • Location: Getafe, Madrid (UC3M Campus)
  • Participants: Ana Garcia Armada (Project Coordinator)
  • Type of audience: Scientific Community, Civil Society

Summary: Round table organized by the UC3M-Telefónica Chair in Women and Technology. A recorded video is available at:

AULA 2020 in Madrid (IFEMA), March 2020

  • Dates: 7th March 2020
  • Location: Madrid (IFEMA – Feria de Madrid)
  • Participants: Ana Garcia Armada (Project Coordinator) and Manuel José López Morales (ESR 2)
  • Type of audience: Secondary School Students

Summary: AULA (International Student and Educational Offer Hall) is a fair that helps students to effectively decide their educational and professional future. It combines a significant offering of educational and training centres, entities and service companies that respond to the training needs of students (from 14-15 years and above) who come to choose which centre to attend for training to get onto the job market. TeamUp5G researchers conducted a couple of demos based on demostrating the capabilities behind LiFi and Radio Communications.

STEM for Girls UC3M in Madrid, February 2020

  • Dates: 14th February 2020
  • Location: Madrid, Leganés (UC3M Campus)
  • Participants: Ana García Armada (Project Coordinator), M. Julia Fernandez-Getino and Raquel Perez Leal (Project Manager)
  • Type of audience: Girls Secondary Students

Summary: STEM for Girls program is composed by technology workshops for the promotion of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) vocations in girls and young women. These workshops aim to motivate the study of these disciplines in girls in the 4th year of secondary school, 1st and 2nd year of high school, as well as to break down gender stereotypes. TeamUp5G researchers conducted the workshop “The mobile communications revolution “. You can find more information about this event here.

Research and Innovation – International Hellenic University, Thessaloniki, February 2020

  • Dates: 1st-2nd February 2020
  • Location: Thermi, Thessaloniki (IHU)
  • Participants: Periklis Chatzimisios (Training Comitee Member)
  • Type of audience: Scientific Community, Industry, General public, Medias

Summary: This was the 1st Internal Conference on Research and Innovation held by International Helenic University. Professor Chatzimisios gave two presentations titled: “The Computing Systems, Security and Networks Research Lab: Extroversion and Synergies” and “The 4th Industrial Revolution, Internet of Things and 5G Communications: Research Results and Future Challenges”.

European Researchers’ Night in Madrid 2019

  • Date: 27th September 2019
  • Location: Campus of Madrid-Puerta de Toledo UC3M, Ronda de Toledo, 1, Madrid
  • Participants: Ana Garcia Armada (Project Coordinator) and Manuel José López Morales (ESR 2)
  • Type of audience: Civil Society

TeamUp5G contributes to European Researchers Night in Madrid 2019.

Summary: The aim of this participation is to generate a direct engagement of the people unfamiliar with telecommunications to make them understand the importance of research in our society and to bring curiosity of the topic to young students. It is aimed at all audiences and includes talks, screenings, games and interactive workshops on topics related to science, communication, cinema, humanities and new technologies. TeamUp5G researchers conducted the workshop “Hunting the invisible Bit“. Besides this, TeamUp5G researchers participated in the activity for secondary school “Theater and Science Fiction: from Physics to Poetry” giving the talk “How Spaceships Communicate“.