Universidad Carlos III de Madrid –  GCOM Group, Signal Theory and Communications Dept. – Spain

Universidad Carlos III (UC3M) is a public university characterized by its strong international focus, the quality of its faculty, excellence in research and commitment to society. Modern, flexible and multidisciplinary curricula have been designed trying to suit the scientific and technological demand of the Society. UC3M is a young institution but in a short time its achievements have placed it among the top universities in Spain. In 2009 UC3M was one of five Spanish universities selected as a Campus of International Excellence. It was the first university in Spain to adapt all of its degree programs to the European Higher Education Area (the Bologna Process), it has the largest selection of bilingual Undergraduate Degrees in Spain and it was the first public university to offer dual undergraduate degrees.
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid is the best young university in Spain. UC3M occupies 22nd position worldwide on the QS Top 50 Under 50 2019.

Aarhus University – Dept. of  Business Technology and Engineering – Denmark

Aarhus University (AU) is represented by the Department of Business Development and Technology-BTECH. BTECH has a focus on research and educational excellence and offers four undergraduate and two graduate study programs as well as a number of part-time studies all within business engineering, business economics and management, and an Electronic Engineer degree program. The study programs offered by BTECH are based on interaction across professional boundaries as well as close interaction with students and the surrounding business community. All study programs have an innovative and international perspective.

International Hellenic University – Greece

The International Hellenic University (IHU) is the fourth largest University in Greece and comprises of 9 Schools (Faculties), 34 Departments and more than 40 institutionalized research laboratories. The University offers more than 50 postgraduate study programs (22 in English), some of which are cross-curricular or interdisciplinary. There are also many collaborations with universities and research centers in  Greece and abroad while memoranda of cooperation have been signed with  academic and social bodies, strengthening its position both in the Greek  higher education sector and the European one. To fulfill its mission,  IHU participates in national and international research and development  projects and maintains strong links with industry, universities and  other types of technology organizations in Greece and abroad.

Eclexys SAGL –  Research and Development Dept. – Switzerland

The high level of know-how at ECLEXYS (EXYS) results from long-year research work and industrialization in low power analogue and digital design, antenna systems, embedded systems design and integration, particularly applied to wireless communication and navigation systems. The technical key personnel has a wide experience in the technology domain, capitalized during several years of industrial and research activity, ranging from hardware and software development of telecommunication systems (e.g. for Siemens, Toshiba, SAGEM Wireless, ST-Ericsson, Space Hellas), to IT and security systems (American Insurance Group (AIG), Elsag SpA and many private Swiss companies), to navigation and signal processing solutions combining GNSS conventional receivers with inertial sensors and other aiding and assistance systems (ThalesAleniaSpace, NemeriX SA, Pirelli SpA) and general purpose electronic developments (ST Ericsson, Studer-Revox).

Instituto de Telecomunicações – Dept. of Wireless Communications – Portugal

Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT) is a private, non-profit organization, of public interest, a partnership of eight institutions: University of Lisbon, University of Aveiro, University of Coimbra, Altice Labs, Nokia, University of Beira Interior, University of Porto and ISCTE-University Lisbon. IT mission is to create and disseminate scientific knowledge in the field of telecommunications in order to both improve higher education and training, both at graduate and postgraduate levels, and to improve the competitiveness of Portuguese industry and Telecommunications operators. IT currently has about 300 PhD researchers (many of which also holding teaching positions at the mentioned Universities), plus 200 PhD students and 200MSc students, with expertise on radio and microwave, optical communications, networks and circuit design.

NOKIA Spain SA – Bell Labs – Spain

NOKIA is at the forefront of global communications, providing products and innovations in IP and cloud networking, as well as ultra-broadband fixed and wireless access. In Spain, NOKIA has four R&D and Excellence Global Centers and more than 300 R&D certified employees. They serve service providers and their customers, as well as enterprises and institutions throughout the world.
Nokia Bell Labs are one of the main global centers of research and innovation in telecommunications technologies and they are responsible for countless breakthroughs that have shaped the networking and communications industry. Bell Labs scientists have been recognized throughout the institution’s more than 90-year history for its contribution to society with technologies that shape the future of our way of working, living, communicating.
In November 2016, the innovative Nokia Bell Labs Laboratories inaugurated its first center in Madrid (Spain). NOKIA has also been recognized by Thomson Reuters as a Top 100 Global Innovator, and it has been named Technology Hardware & Equipment Industry Group Leader for 2013 in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices review.

Projecto Desenvolvimento Manutenção Formação e Consultadoria – Research and Development Dept. – Portugal

Projecto Desenvolvimento Manutenção Formação e Consultadoria (PDM) is currently involved in over a dozen research projects, ranging from Information Security, Autonomous  Cars, Precision farming, 5G VR/AR Applications, among many other topics.
One of our growing areas of research is in the area of Information Security, having developed software that help dozens of large customers (including Governments) to detect fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, among many other things. Another software currently in production is several large customers, is the Identity and Access Management framework (called SPA) that includes Real Time Risk Assessment, Segregation of Duties, Cryptographic fingerprinting of operations, among many others features. In this area , we have also developed a solution, called CHIMERA, designed to safeguard access to data, enforce data privacy and simplify data sharing. It provides the anonymization of data, passing information to a standard algorithm, difficult to decode in a timely manner. The information can be collected, processed, transformed and filtered, in order to discard what is not relevant, anonymizing sensitive data in order to comply with legal requirements (GDPR). And finally it is worth noticing that we have developed several software tools to be used by operators (such as: SETEX: The Settlement Exchange,  is a business tool required for operators to efficiently manage the multitude of services that will be deployed in the new user-centric scenarios /  GAME: The Global Auction Market platform provides Operators with the facilities required to better manage their composite networks’ capacity, through a novel market-driven approach / BROKER: Provide the middleware layer between the high level services that operators and application developers create and deploy, and the low level handover mechanisms provided by network equipment manufacturers).

Innovative Solutions Slawomir Pietrzyk (IS-Wireless) -Poland

IS-Wireless (ISW) is a software house from Poland, which specializes in developing algorithms, protocols and tools for 4G and 5G mobile networks. Licensable software is provided in the two following areas:

  • Network function virtualization-compatible, standard-compliant Radio Access Network (RAN) protocols – ready for evolution to 5G. The product group name is Software-defined RAN. It allows mobile networks to support more users with better performance at lower cost.
  • Experimentation solutions supporting research and education on 4G and 5G. The product group name is 5G Toolset. Our ambition is to bring 4G and 5G innovation for every university and research lab worldwide at affordable price.

IS-Wireless is an active participant of collaborative research projects on 4G, 5G and beyond within the funding frames of EC: 5G-PPP, H2020 and FP7. IS-Wireless collaborates with such institutions like: Intel, Thales, HHI Fraunhofer, ATOS, NEC, OTE and many more. Locally, IS-Wireless cooperates with e.g. the Warsaw University of Technology. IS-Wireless is a proud recipient of various local recognitions including Micro-Entrepreneur of the Year and Innovator of Mazovia.

Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas OEPM – Directorate – Spain

Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas (OEPM) is an autonomous Spanish public entity of the Ministry of Industry and Tourism that fosters the technological and economic development granting juridical protection to all kinds of industrial property by granting patents, utility models, trademarks and commercial names. It also disseminates information relative to the different ways of protecting the industrial property. It has the mission of granting titles of industrial property after examining the corresponding applications as well as offering services of technological information based on the granted patents granted by itself and from other international offices.

Telefónica Investigación y Desarrollo SA – Global CTO Office – Spain

Telefónica I+D (TID) is the research and development company of the Telefónica Group. Founded in 1988, its aim is to contribute to the Group ́s competitiveness and modernity through technological innovation, applying new ideas, concepts and practices in new products and advanced services. It is one of the first private R&D centers in Spain regarding activity and resources, having been the first company on the continent by number of European research projects in which it participates. Telefónica I+D activity materializes in a portfolio of patents that increases every year, but also in some of the most innovative products that the Telefónica Group has launched in recent months. Its main asset is its employees, constituted 97% of university graduates from 18 nationalities.

LiPhi Technologies – Research and Development Dept. – Spain

Liphi Technologies (LIPHI) is a recently created start-up focused on developing solutions that provide connectivity through visible light communications (VLC) in hostile environments such as tunnel constructions, mining industry or the oil&gas sector within the industry 4.0. framework. LIPHI capitalizes on a long research trajectory of its founding members and has been very successful in a number of start-up contests related to the construction sector.

TELENOR ASA – Dept. of  Research: Next Generation Technology – Norway

Telenor (TLN) is an international provider of high quality telecommunications, data and media communication services to customers in 12 markets across Asia and Europe with headquarter in Oslo, Norway. Telenor is one of Norway’s largest companies with revenues in 2013 of approx. NOK 105 billion and a work force of more than 36,000 domestically and abroad.
Telenor Research has extensive cooperation with industry in addition to making contributions to various standardization bodies including ETSI, ITU, IETF and 3GPP.

Universidade Nova de Lisboa UNL – Portugal

Nova is a Portuguese University (UNL) located in Lisbon. Nova has more than 19,000 students, 1,491 Professors and 804 staff members distributed through five faculties, three institutes and one school, providing a variety of courses in several fields of knowledge. In 2014, THE-QS World University Rankings has evaluated NOVA as one of the world’s best universities being ranked number 312 in the world. NOVA is the only Portuguese university in the QS Top 50 under 50 ranking, having reached this position for the third year in a row.

Universidade da Beira Interior – Portugal

Universidade da Beira Interior (UBI) is one of the most recent public universities in Portugal. Outstanding quality and expertise is widely recognized regarding our researchers. UBI’s research activity is supported by numerous research projects funded by the EU, national programs (FCT), public or private corporations. A regular flow of publications in peer-reviewed journals, communication in international conferences and many subsequent doctoral theses have been regularly produced.

Universidade de Aveiro – Portugal

Universidade de Aveiro (UAv) was created in 1973, and quickly became one of the most dynamic and innovative universities in Portugal. Now a public foundation under private law, it continues to develop and implement its mission to provide undergraduate and postgraduate education, to generate research and promote cooperation with society. Attended by about 15,000 students on undergraduate and postgraduate programs, the UAv has achieved a significant position amongst higher education institutions in Portugal, being one of the top universities regarding the quality of its infrastructures, the strength of its research and the excellence of its staff.

ISCTE IUL: Instituto Universitário de Lisboa – Portugal

ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon (ISCTE), a high-quality Portuguese public research-oriented university being among the 150 best young universities in the world (THE Young University Rankings 2017), has about 9,000 students, half of them in doctoral and master programs, and 430 professors. With a multi and inter-disciplinary approach, it is one of the most dynamic and innovative institutions in Portugal, establishing more than one hundred (inter) national cooperations with several research, public and private organizations.

University of Western Macedonia – Greece

University of Western Macedonia (UOWM) founded in 2003 under the Greek Authorities, consists by three departments in the city of Florina and three departments in the city of Kozani. The internationally research oriented UOWM is a socially committed institution with a highly qualified academic staff, extensive international links in both research and exchange programs and a vibrant student community. Fostering fully incorporation of ICT in every day practice, the UOWM invests in innovative educational programs and multidisciplinary fields of research that correspond to the needs of the modern world.

AUDAX: Centro de Investigação e Apoio ao Empreendedorismo e Empresas Familiares – Portugal

Audax (AUD) is the entrepreneurship and Innovation support center of ISCTE – Lisbon University Institute and it is a non-profit organization established in 2005. Its main activities are focused in entrepreneurship and incubation, such as education, conferences and consultancy and support to set up new business (business plans, seek financial support, partners). Audax-ISCTE is one of the main actives centers of Portugal and it was awarded in 2008 by Program FINICIA (www.iapmei.pt) for helping to create 15 new startups supported by that program and in 2015 was awarded with the most Portuguese entrepreneurial university by Portugal Startups – UP Awards. Audax-ISCTE is also responsible for the management of the incubator Labs Lisboa founded in 2012 by Lisbon City Council and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation