Online Talk on “Activating Full Potential for Your Engineering and Technical Talks: A Presentation about Presentation Skills”

Dr. Traci Nathans-Kelly, Associate Director, Engineering Communications Program, Cornell University,
College of Engineering, USA



Through years of working with engineering and technical professionals, Nathans-Kelly has developed clear, concise, and tested guidelines for presentation transformation that may not be what is the “norm” in many industries at the moment. However, there are very specific practices that will allow technical professionals, students, instructors, and managers to shine during their talks. Nathans-Kelly will help transform engineering presentations eliminating fragmented headers and controlling overused bullets. Participants will explore how to use meaningful visuals and plan the technical talk, all which will highlight the expertise of the speaker. We will also address how communicators will deploy the “notes” as a fuller archive and find ways to assist audiences who may have more than one language preference.


Dr. Nathans-Kelly has taught engineering and technical communication courses since 1997. She currently teaches in Cornell University’s College of Engineering (USA) in the Engineering Communications Program. In 2014, based on her extensive work in the field of presentation design, she co-authored the book “SlideRules: Design, Build, and Archive Presentations in the Engineering and Technical Fields” with Christine Nicometo, published by IEEE-Wiley. Her upcoming certificate course through eCornell focuses specifically on engineering and technical presentations for practicing professionals. As well, she co-authored IEEE’s “English for Technical Professionals” online course. Previously, she worked at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s College of Engineering (USA) in the Technical Communication program. She serves on the IEEE Educational Activities Board in the Continuing Education division, and she is on the Editorial Board for IEEE’s Teaching Excellence Hub.




Dec 10 2020