Doctoral Conference and course on public policies, innovation and design thinking, how to create business models, marketing aspects, finance for entrepreneurship and legal framework.

The doctoral conference is co-located with the CSNDSP2020.

It comprises of three technical sessions (TeamUp5G) and the forum on “New RAN Techniques for 5G Ultra-dense Networks”.

TeamUp5G sessions:

  • TeamUp5G.01: Monday 20th of July, Chairs: Fernando J. Velez, Albena Mihovska
  • TeamUp5G.02: Monday 20th of July, Chairs: Adão Silva, Víctor P. Gil Jiménez
  • TeamUp5G.03: Tuesday 21st of July, Chairs: Maria Julia Fernandez-Getino Garcia, Susana Sargento

New RAN Techniques for 5G Ultra-dense Networks (Tuesday 21st of July):

This Forum will include lively discussions on 5G terrestrial and  drone-based small cells, innovation and entrepreneurship. Distinguished speakers will present state-of-the-art research and initiatives (around the Globe) on spectrum management for 5G and beyond HetNets, entrepreneurship in the field of drone small-cells, as well as entrepreneurship Intrapreneurship and Interpreneurship in the Wireless Communications Sector. The Forum will work as a panel, and panelists will synchronously answer to the questions from the audience.

Panel members:

  • Jon Michael Peha (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
  • Peter Lindgren (Aarhus University, Herning Campus, Denmark)
  • Luis Miguel Serra da Costa Campos (PDMFC, Lisbon Portugal)
  • Pedro Joaquim Amaro Sebastião (Instituto de Telecomunicações and ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon Portugal)


Fernando J. Velez (Instituto de Telecomunicações and UBI)